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NORTH EAST TOUR                                  

Book This Tour Now !!  Click HereThe Eastern Part of India consists of the states of Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa & the seven sister states of North East India. These states are a mixture of the glorious past, a budding present & welcoming future. Some of the important places for sight seeing are Calcutta, Bhubaneshwar, Patna, Puri, Konark, Cuttack, Chilka, Silliguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Gangtok, Guwahati, Shillong, Imphal, Kohima etc.             
CALCUTTA- A city of contrasts & contradictions.Places of interest include "Raj Bhavan", "Town Hall", "High Court", "Writers Buildings", "Metcalfe Hall", "Howrah Bridge", "Eden Gardens", "Victoria Memorial", "Musical Fountain" etc.
BHUBANESWAR-This city takes its name from one of the titles of god Shiva.Its is Orissa's gateway  & the only Airport.Beautiful Locations Include "Dhauli", "Udaygiri & Khandagiri Complex", "Parasurameswara Temple", "Mukteshwar Temple" etc.
PURI-A place dominated by two forces the sea & the Lord Jagannath Temple. The Main attraction of Puri in terms of sight seeing are the temples & the monasteries. The important sight seeing spots in puri include "Lord Jagannath Temple", "Loknath Temple",
"Gundicha Ghar", "Indradyumma Tank" & the 'Atharmala Bridge'.
PATNA-Situated on the banks of the river ganga, Patna has a history which goes back well over two millennia. Patna is the starting point for those interested in visiting places of Buddhist importance such as Vaishali, Nalanda, Rajgir, Gaya & Bodhgaya.
SILIGURI-was always a place one passed through on one's way to Assam, Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong & Gangtok.Some beautiful Places here are "Jaldapara", "Jaldhaka", "Gourmara" & "Mirik" etc.
DARJEELING- The most important & Organised hill-resort in eastern India. The places worth a special visit include- "Observatory Hill", "Chowrasta" ,"Tiger Hill" ,"Batasia Railway Loop", "Yiga-Choling Monastery", & "Japanese Temples" etc.
Book This Tour Now !!  Click HereGUWAHATI-it houses the capital of Assam in its suburbs of Dispur & is a Gateway to other north eastern states. Important tourist spots of Guwahati include "Kamakhya Temple", "Umananda Temple" , "Sukleswar Temple", "Nabagraha Temple", "Bashistashram" & "Guwahati University" etc.

Calcutta /Jalpaiguri /Darjeeling /Pemyangaste /Gangtok / Delhi
South-East Tour
Delhi / Bhubaneshwar / Keonjhagarh / Puri / Hyderabad / Bangalore / Mysore / Bangalore / Cochin / Kovalam Trivandrum / Delhi
Orissa Tribal tour
  • Vishkhapatnam / Jeypore / Onukudelli / Vizag / Bhubnashwer
  • Delhi / Bhubnashwer / Bhitar Kanika / Taptapani / Bissam Cuttack / Iiatikona / Onukudelli / Vishkhapatanam
  • Delhi /Bhubnashwer / Balguda / Belghar / Tochatikona / Onukudelli / Vishakhapatanam
  • Delhi / Bhubnashwer / Taptapani / Puttasingh / Kothagarh / Chatikona / Onukudelli / Guptashwar / Taptapani / Puri / Bhubnashwer / Delhi
  • Book This Tour Now !!  Click HereDelhi / Bhubnashwer / Puri / Taptapani / Puttasingh / Kothagarh / Kutiya Kondh / Dongariya Kondg / Chatikona / Onkudelli / Vishakhapatnam / Calcutta
Assam / Arunachal
Delhi / Calcutta ./ Guwahati / Nameri / Bombila / Tawang / Rupa / Tezpur / Kaziranga / Majuli Island / Dibrugarh / Ledo / Miao / Calcutta / Delhi
Delhi / Darjeeling / Pemayangtse / Gangtok / Kalimpong / Bagdogra / Delhi
East + Bhutan
Calcutta / Bagdogra / Pemayantse / Gangtok/ Kalimpong / Phuntsholing / Thimpu / Paro / Calcutta / Delhi

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