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WEST BENGAL                        General Information of West Bengal

Bengal finds a coveted place even in pre-historic times. At the time of Alexander's invasion a powerful kingdom called 
Gangaridai ruled over Bengal. Later Sasanka became King of Bengal and is said to have played important role in north-eastern India in the early half of the seventh century. He was succeeded by Gopala who founded the Pala dynasty which ruled for centuriesand had created a huge empire. The Palas were followed by the Sena dynasty which was ended by Muslim rulers from Delhi.Bengal was ruled by various Muslim rulers and governors till the Mughal period in the sixteenth century. After the Mughals, history of modern Bengal begins with the advent of European and English trading companies. Battle of  Plassey in 1757 changed the course of history when the English first gained a strong foothold in Bengal and India. In 1905 
it was partitioned to achieve some political returns but people's growing movement in the auspices of Congress led to the reunion in 1911. This triggered off hectic movement foe freedom which culminated with independence in 1947 and partition. 
After 1947, merger of native settlements began which ended with its final reorganization in 1956, when some neighboring Bengali speaking areas too were transferred to West Bengal

KOLKATA(CALCUTTA ): the human city

The Ganges (called the Hooghly in Calcutta) is still the inspiration, as it was to Job Charnok, East India Company agent, who reached the shores in August 1690, to found the city. Calcutta, after London, was the British Empire’s second city.

Kolkata (Calcutta) - on-the-Hooghly, retains the aura of days long gone, weaving the past and the present, the intense and the funloving into a charming fabric.

Home to four Nobel laureates – Ronald Ross, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen, Calcutta is the nerve centre of intellect and human values, where many modern movements began in art, cinema and theatre, science and industry. India’s quest for freedom began here.

Calcutta is the gateway to Eastern India. A city with a rich heritage, bustling streets and bewildering variety of facets. From October to March, Calcutta wears a radiant look. Sunshine, mild winter, lights, colours, fairs, festivals, galas and excursions, the mood is infectious and spirit sweeping.

The Heritage Trail

The tour begins with the historical remains of the ancient capital Gaur and Pandua, off Malda, and goes on to Vishnupur, Bankura – a land of exquisite terracotta sculptures and silk.

The tour moves on to Murshidabad, seat of the Nawabs of Bengal and the romantic Nadia district, steeped in culture and scholasticism, "mad in their love for God".

Experience the world vision of poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore at Shantiniketan, and the crystallization of a universal religious testimony at Dakshineswar and Belur Math.

The tour winds into Hooghly district, witness to Dutch, French, English and Portuguese forays into Bengal, and leads to Calcutta, a city that has witnessed three centuries of cultural mingling and is a rare beauty. Where the past stands hand-in-hand with the present.


Breathtaking Beaches premise the perfect escape to tranquility !!!

The coastal strip of West Bengal, extending from the Gangetic delta land to the border of Orissa, presents some beautiful options in sea resorts – Digha, Shankarpur, Junput, Bakkhali, Sagardwip. All of these offer wide, flat, hard beaches, a gently rolling sea, rows of casuarina forests and a pleasant, warm weather round the year.

Down south from Calcutta, the coastal areas of West Bengal present eye-catching beautiful options: – Digha – Shankarpur – Junput – Bakkhali – Frazergunj and Sagardwip.

How to visit

Regular bus services from Calcutta to Digha. Local conveyance from Digha to Shankarpur. Calcutta to Diamond Harbour (by train/bus), from there to Namkhana by bus, ferry crossing, bus to Bakkhali. Calcutta to Kakdwip/Namkhana by bus, ferry crossing, bus to Sagar.

Where to stay :

Tourist Lodges/Cottages at Digha, Bakkhali & Diamond Harbour. Youth hostels at Digha & Sagardwip.

Best Season

With the mild winter of the Gangetic West Bengal, the season is on the entire year round. However, the best time of the year is July to March.

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