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NAGALAND                                  General Information of Nagaland

Nature could not have been kinder to Magellan, some times referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the East’. The exquisitely picturesque landscape, the vibrantly colourful sunrise and sunset, lush and verdant flare, this is a land that represents aberrant beauty, moulded perfectly for a breath-taking experience.

Blessed with salubrious climate throughout the year, it provides the right ambience for a quiet get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Life here is one long festival. Apart from the rich, incomparable traditional and cultural heritage that is exclusive, Nagaland offers you a rejuvenating bonus of the cool refreshing mountain air, and the dreamless sleep amidst the roaring sound of silence.

LIFE STYLE: colours and moods
People: Belonging to the Indo-Mongoloid stock, their ancestors lived off nature’s abundant gifts, blessed with sturdy formidable dispositions. Above all, the Nagas have a reputation for a warm-hearted hospitality, By nature, they are lovers of fun and frolic.

The different Naga groups vary considerably in physique and appearance; the Angamis being tall with regular feature and Semas shorter with more strongly pronounced Mongolian features. Most are a beautiful light brown - the typical Kirata ‘gold’, but differing in shade from tribe to tribe; a light colour is generally admired. There is wavy hair and straight hair and even the Negrito frizzled hair.

The traditional ceremonial attire of each tribe is in itself, an awe inspiring sight to behold; the multi coloured ‘spears’ and 'daos' decorated with dyed goats’ hair, the headgear made of finely woven bamboo interlaced with orchid stems, adorned with boar’s teeth and hornbill’s feathers, elephant tusk armlets etc.

They adorn colourful and intricately designed costumes, jewelry and beads. The present generation has ventured into fashion designing in a big way; reproducing fabrics that represent the ancestral motifs blended with modern appeal.

Nagaland is a vibrant hill station with music in the air: the traditional folk songs, the poetic love songs, the gospels, the exquisite classical tunes …it has them all. Tourists can have a faste of such a rich culture in their tour, for there are tribal artistes who give part time performances at a reasonable fee.

FAIRS and FESTIVALS:                                                                                Tribal festivals are celebrated seasonally throughout the year. It is during such a time that one gets to see a glimpse of the past animistic traditions of each tribe, being enacted in their robust best. The visitor is welcomed like a family to share their past, for a fleeting moment in time. Who needs an invitation to join such fun

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