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MADHYA PRADESH          General Information of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya pradesh is India's largest state and the geographical heartland of the country . Most of the state us a high plateau and in summer it can be very dry and hot . Virtually all phases of Indian History have left their mark on Madhya Pradesh , historicaly known as Malwa .There are still many pre-Aryan Gond and Bhil tribal people in the state , but Madhya Pradesh is overwhelmingly Indo-Aryan with the majority of the people speaking HIndi and following Hinduism . 
Some of Madhya Pradesh's attractions are remote and isolated ; Khajuraho , in the NOrth of the state , is a long way from anywhere and most easily visited when travelling between Agra and Varanasi ;Jabalpur , with its marble rocks , is the centre of the state ; Kanha National Park , famous for its tigers , is 170 km south - east of Jabalpur .
Most of the states attractions are on or near the main Delhi to main railway line . From Agra , just outside the state to the North , you can head south through Gwalior (with its magnificient fort ) , Sanchi, Bhopal , Ujjain , Indore , and Mandu .from there you can head west to Gujarat or South to the Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharastra .
Madhya Pradesh constitutes part of what is known as the Hindi belt , a region of northern India inhabited predominantly by Hindus . Politically it is dominated , not surprisingly , by Hindu fundemantalist BJP . state elections were held in 1993 , after the state assembly was dissolved by the central government following the demolition of the the disputed mosque at Ayodhya . While the BJP was returned to power the congress party was managed to gain some ground.

The history of Madhya Pradesh goes back to the time of Ashoka , the great BUddhist emperor whose Mauryan empire was powerful in Malwa . AT Sanchi one can see the Buddhist centre founded by Ashoka , the most important reminder of him in India today . The Mauryans were followed by the Sungas and then by the Guptas , before the Huns swept across the state . Around 1000 years ago the Parmaras ruled in South - west Madhya Pradesh - they're chiefly remembered for Raja Bhoj , who gave his name to the city of Bhopal and also ruled over Indore and Mandu .
From 1950 to 1050 AD the Chandelas constructed the fantasies series of temples at Khajuraho inthe North of the state . Today Khajuraho is one of India's main attractions , drawing visitors from India and overseas .
between the 12th and the 16th centuries , the region saw continuing struggles between Hindu and the Muslim rulers or invaders . The fortified city of Mandu in the south-west was frequently the scene for these battles , but finally the Mughal overcame Hindu resistance and controlled the region . The Mughals , however , met their fate at the hands of the Marathas who , in turn , fell to the British .

Capital BHOPAL
Language HINDI
Temperature Winter 7șC - 30șC; Summer 24șC - 42șC.
Airports Bhopal, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Indore
Mode of Transport  
Tourist Information Centres  

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