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GUJARAT                                      General Information of Gujarat

This place has a long and varied history and a great number of places to visit. It is easy to slot Gujarat in between Bombay and cities of Rajasthan . It's an interesting place to explore. The temple of Somnath , in Gujarat , witnesses the creation of universe !! . Along the south coast are the sites where many of the great events in krishna's life took place . 
Gujarat had also closeities with the life of the father of modern India , Mahatma Gandhi. HE was born and brought up there and he returned to wage his long struggle with the British for Independence . It has been a centre for itself , and some of its most importabt sites are Jain temple centres like those at Palitana , and at Girnar Hill , near Junagadh . Gujarat is one of tIndia's wealthier states with a number of important industries , particularly textiles and electronics , and has the dubious distinction of having the largest petrochemical complex in the country . Apart from the jain temples , Gujarat's main attractions a include the last Asian lions , in the Gir's forest and the fascinating Indo -Saracenic architecture of Ahmedabad .The colourful tribal villages of Kutch , with its barren region are worth attracting. 


AHMEDABAD : Gujarat's principal city , and one of the the major industrial cities in India . famous for its many textile industries , it has been called the " Manchester of the East" . The worst part of this city is that it is very noisy and polluted .Nevertheless , this comparatively little- visited city has a number of attractions for travellers . Ahmedabad is one of the best place to study the blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles known as the Indo-Saracenic. 
The new capital of Gujarat is 32 km from Ahmedabad. 

as originally founded in 1411 , by Ahmed Shah ,from whom the city takes its name . Over the centuries , Ahmedabad has had a number of periods of grandeur , each followed by decline . In 1615 ,the noted English ambassador , sir Thomas Roe judged it to be a' good city '. It's industrial strength raised the city up . And from 1915 , it became famous as the site of Gandhi's Ashram and the place where he launched his famous celebrated march against the salt law. 

Capital Gandhinagar
Language Gujrati, Hindi
Temperature Winter 7șC - 30șC; Summer 24șC - 42șC.
Tourist Season October to March.
Airports Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad,Vadodra, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Surat
Mode of Transport  
Tourist Information Centres  

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