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ANDHRA PRADESH             General Information of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra pradesh was created by combining the old princely stae of Hyderabad with the telegu speaking portions of the former state of Madras .Most of this state large stands in he deccan plateau , sloping down to the low lying coastal region to the east where the mighty rivers of Godavari and Krishna meet the Bay of Bengal in wide deltas . 
The capital , Hyderabad , is naturally a magnet ,not only for its own right but for its Muslim heritage . , famous museum and and enormous Buddha Statue , but also for the nearby Golconda Fort and Qutab Shahi Tombs . Further afield there are impressive ruins of the Kakatiya Kingdom at Warangal ,which was commented by Marco Polo , and the Buddhist Sites of Nagarjunaconda and the Amaravati ,as well as the beautiful Kanaka Durga Temple and VIjayvada , and the famous temple complex of Tirumala in the State's extreme south east.


Andhra pradesh was once a major Buddhist centre and a part of Ashoka's large Empire until it broke up . traces of early Buddhist still remain in places , particularly in Amaravati , the Sanchi of Andhra Pradesh . Later , in the 7th century , the Chalukyas held power , but they in turn fell to the chola kingdom of the south around the 10th century . the 13th century saw the rise of the Kakatiyas who ruled from Warangal , but by this time Muslim power was beginning to assert itself inthe form of the Sultans of Delhi , who made raids into the area and established themselves in 1323 , However , there hold was tenous and they were soon displaced by the Hindu Vijaynagar Empire . 
There followed two centuries of Hindu Muslim power struggles until , in the 16th century , the Qutab Shahi dynasty was established at Hyderabad . It was this Dynasty that built the vast and almost impregnable stone fortress of Golconda -surely one of Indias most impressive yet seldom visited monuments . Not only that but the nearby tombs of the rulers of this Muslim dynasty rival those of the `Delhi sultans and the early Mughals in size and splendor . None of the other central Deccan Muslim Kingdom ever left Monuments quite as grand as these -though Bijapur (karnataka )came close . their reign came to an end in1687 when the Kingdom was taken over by a general of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb . The general's successsors ,the Nizam's of Hyderabad , ruled the State right through to Independence . 

Capital Hyderabad
Language Telugu
Temperature Winter 7șC - 30șC; Summer 24șC - 42șC.
Tourist Season October to February.
Airports Hyderabad
Mode of Transport  
Tourist Information Centres  

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