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UDAIPUR                                      General Information of Udaipur 

Set in the Lush Girwa Valley, surrounded by the Aravallis and interspersed with translucent lakes, Udaipur (meaning 'City Of Sunrise' ) is more favored by nature than most of its desert neighbors. It is situated in southern Rajasthan, 374 kms. from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, and is land of lakeside pleasure palaces, rambling hilltop fortresses, luxuriant gardens with fountains and streams, where bards sing of beautiful princesses and epic warriors. Its annals abound with tales of romance and heroism, chivalry and great traditions.


Udaipur, Chittor and Bhilwara formed Mewar, the largest erstwhile princely state in Rajasthan and a geographically secluded territory whose distinctive physical features played an important role in shaping its history.

Maharana Udai Singh II (1536-1572)  laid the foundation of Udaipur as the capital of Mewar in 1567, after the final sack of Chittor by Moghuls. He built Udaipur (named after himself ) between the fortresses of Chittor and Kumbhal Garh. Nestling in an enchanting valley with abundant water and formidable natural defenses, Udaipur was a counterpoint to stark Chittor, 111 kms. away.


The people who visited Udaipur and saw the natural beauty, expressed their gratitude in various forms. Some call it " City of Sunrise " some as "Venice of East ", others commented as "City of Temples ", "City of Lakes" , "City of Beauty", "Kashmir of Rajasthan", "City of Divine Love", etc, etc.


The city has religious and cultural activities round the year and people partake these activities with gay and happiness. The people are friendly, laborious and proud of their self respect. The food is quite simple and they avoid showbiz in their life. The costumes are very colourful and the typical silver jewellery used by rural ladies need real admiration.


The town, full of mines and minerals, forestry, animal husbandry, is situated at 75 South East of 24 North on about 1900 feet of height above Mrs.. The old city was founded on the back of rocky surface that is why the level of houses are unparalleled, surrounded by a city wall of about 10 kms. with six entrance gates with 'Suraj Pole' as principal gate to enter inside the town. During the modernization and beautification of the city the present government removed the city ramparts except the six gates. 


Summer  - Max 38.3 C, Minimum 28.3 C
Winter  -  Max 28.3 C, Minimum 11.6 C


577 Meters / 1900 foot


It is 374 Kms from Jaipur, Ajmer 274, Jodhpur 368 Kms, Bhavnagar 440 Kms Kota 274 Kms,Delhi 710 Kms, Mount Abu 274 & Ahmedabad 252 Kms.



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