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THANJVUR                               General Information of Thanjvur

Scenically one of the most enchanting districts in the state, green, airy, Thanjavur lies to the east of Trichy and has the reputation as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. It is not surprising that the great Cholas chose Thanjavur as the location of some of their most magnificent creations, since this now small city once occupied the proud position as their capital and most treasured territory. Though the history of Thanjavur is far older than the Chola period itself, it is during their reign between the 10th and 14th centuries that the city rose to dizzying heights, becoming the centre of Tamil learning and culture. The Tamil University, set up recently is situated here and is devoted to the growth of Tamil literature and language. Today, what remainds of its glorious legacy are the temples of the Cholas, not less than 74 of which are around Thanjavur itself. 


Sri Bragadeeswarar Temple : Built by the great Chola King, Rajaraja.1 in the 10th century AD is an outstanding example of Chola architecture.
The Palace : The Palace near the temple is a vast building of masonry built partly by the Nayaks around 1550 AD and partly by the Marathas.

Art Gallery : In the Palace there are a number of granite and bronze statues of the Chola period. 
Timings 9 a.m to 1. p.m., 2.p.m. to 6.p.m. 

Saraswathi Mahal Library : In another section of the palace is a library where over 30,000 palm leaves and paper manuscripts in Indian and European languages are preserved
Timings 10 a.m to 1 p.m.and 1.30p.m. to 5.30p.m. 

Hall of Music : Also in the Palace is the acoustically perfect ancient music hall.

Royal Museum : Located in the palace complex, this museum has mixed collections like manuscripts, weapon dresses, Utensils, Musical instruments used by the Royal Family of Thanjavur.
Timings 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Schwartz Church :Built in 1779 AD by Rajah Serfoji in token of his affection for the Rev. C.V.Schwartz of the Danish Mission.(In the Palace Garden)

Sivaganga Tank : Near the Palace is this tank known for its sweet water.

Rajagopala Beerangi : A very big Beerangi is there in Thanjavur East Kothalam (ramport)of the Fort. The place is called 'Beerangi Medu'. It has been remarked as "Dasmedu". Once upon a time that place was used as a Bell announcement stage.

Sharja Madi : It is located in the Palace complex. It is opened for Tourists. One can have panaromic view of Thanjavur city. The wooden Sculptures are inside the Sharja Madi. 
Timings 10a.m. to 1p.m. and 2 5p.m. 

Rajarajan Mani Mandapam : During the 8th World Tamil Conference this Mandapam was built. It is having a small garden with Children's-play materials.
Timings 10 a.m to 8 p.m 

Rajarajan Museum : Raja Rajan Musem is functioning for the benefit of the Tourists. Located in the Main mandapam ground floor, it is under the control of the State Archaeological Department. 
Timings 10 a.m to 5. p.m 

Tholkappiyar Sadukkam : During the 8th World Tamil Conference, this Sadukkam(Square) was built. One can have a panaromic view of Thanjavur Town from the Tower. 
Timings 9 a.m to 7. p.m 

Mariamman Temple  (Punnai Nallur) : This Temple located 6 kms. away from Thanjavur is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman. It is one of the local temples in Thanjavur which attracts Domestic Tourists.

Papanasam (30 kms) : In Thanjavur District, Papanasam is one of the historical cities. There are two Temples, one Pallavanatha swamy Temple constructed by Chola King. Another one 108 Sivalayam Temple. There are also a granary (Store House of paddy) Breath : 86 feet height 36 feet capacity of 3,000 Kalam (measure) constructed by Nayaks in 1600 - 1634. State Archaeological Department declared it as a monument. There is also a famous Mullaivananathaswamy Temple at Thirukarukkavoor. One can see the 108 Sivalingam in one temple in Papanasam Town only.

Thiruvidai Maruthur : This place is about 8 kms from Kumbakonam and 48 kms. away from Thanjavur. It is spelt in ancient books as Thiruvidaimaruthur. The river Cauvery passess through this place. The village is also called Madhyarjunam. The presiding deity is Mahalingar and goddess is known as Brikatkunchautsa. People suffering from mental affliction visit the place for relief.

Thirunageswaram : One of the temples for Nine Planets is in Thanjavur District. This place is situated 6 kms. to the east of Kumbakonam and 47Kms. away from Thanjavur. Thirunageswaram derives its name from the legend that the Serpent Adi Shesha-Worshipped God Siva here and the locality is identified with Chaurpakaranya

Uppliyappan Koil : This place is 6 kms., from Kumbakonam and 46 kms. away from Thanjavur. Lord Venkatesaperumal dedicated like Tirupathi Balaji "Oppil Upper" is the other name . It is connected by bus route from Kumbakonam to Nachiarkoil.

Patteswaram : The Temple dedicated to Goddess Durgai Amman. Friday is very famous to worship the goddess. Located near Kumbakonam, 8 kms. from Thanjavur, city buses available form Kumbakonam.

Poondi Madha Shrine : The Poondi village is about 35 kms. from Thanjavur nearest Railway Station is Budalur. It is also one of the Roman Catholic Pilgrim centre another like Velankanni. It attracts more Pilgrims all over India. Accommodation provided to the Pilgrims by Church Authorities. Phone: 04362 / 80422.

Suriyanar Koil (58 kms.)Lord of Sun - (Sun Temple) : This is the only place where the Image of the Sun is worshipped. It is believed that the Chola King Kulothunga-I who built the Shrine borrowed this feature.

Thingalore (18 kms. from Thanjavur) Chandran Temple (Moon) : One of the Nine Planets. It is situated on Thiruvaiyaru to Kumbkonam route. It attracts more pilgrims on all days.


Air : The nearest Airport Tiruchirapalli is 58 kms. and is connected by Indian Airlines and Air Lanka with Srilanka. Indian Airlines also be connects Trichy with Madurai and Chennai directly. 

Rail : Thanjavur is connected by rail with Trichy, Madurai, Nagore and Chennai directly.

Road : Thanjavur is connected with all major cities. 

Local Transport:  Regular Bus Service connects all places of interest in and around Thanjavur. Autorickshaws, Cycle Rickshaws, Taxis are available. 

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