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RANCHI                                             General Information of Ranchi

Ranchi derived its name from a Nagpuri word "Archi" meaning Bamboo Forest. Though this does not hold true today but still the warmth of tribal culture and the beauty of nature can be still felt in this new capital city which is aspiring to become a metro city in its own terms. Ranchi is one of the few cities in our country where the blessing of Mother Earth and the Dwellingns of Mordern society co-exist. Ranchi has been bestowed upon by mother earth with lots of beautiful waterfalls and natural resources forming a perfect harmony. The former summer capital of Bihar and now the capital of "Jharkhand" is sometimes called "The City of Waterfalls". Lots of large industrial houses like Usha Martin, Garden Reach, CMPDI etc. co-exist with lovely waterfalls like Jonha Falls, Hundru Falls etc. In true words it can be termed as "The Gift of Nature".

Facts At A Glance

Area : 35 sq. kms.
Altitude : 2140 ft
   Winter : Minimum - 10.3 degree C. Maximum - 22.9 degree C.
   Summer : Minimum - 20.6 degree C. Maximum - 37.2 degree C.
Rainfall : 1530mm annual
   Summer : Light Cotton
   Winter : Heavy Woollen
Languages Spoken : Hindi Nagpuria Oraon Mundari & Bengali
Visiting Season : September to May

Places Of Interest

Hundru falls : Ranchi the Queen of Jharkhand is surrounded by falls and the streams. It is about 45km. from Ranchi. The wonderful scene is made by the Swaranrekha river falls from a height of 320 feet. It is an exiting place for picnic.

Johna falls :It is about 40kms away from Ranchi on the Ranchi-Purliya Highway. There is a tourist rest house, which accommodates the Lord Gautam Buddha's Temple. This falls is named after Gautam as Gautamdhara.Enchanting retreat amidst rich flora and fauna beside the Kanchi river. The scenery around it is very picturesque and it is a popular picnic spot. To admire the fall one is required to descend 500 pared steps.

Dasham falls : It is about 40kms from Ranchi on the Ranchi-Tata highway falls a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river. Falling from a height of about 144 feet Kanchi river makes a scenic sight of the fall. It is also known as Dasham Gagh surrounded by pleasant and eyes catching scene

Panch Ghagh falls : Located on way to Simdega via Khunti, this beautiful waterfall has infact five water falls in a row and therefore called Panch Ghagh. The distance of this waterfall is about 55 kms from Ranchi.

Hirni Fall : About 75 km. from Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur is located Hirni falls Situated in the dense forest on the way of Chakradharpur is about 70 km. It Since it is surrounded by a dense forest it creates a real natural beauties

Jagannathpur Temple & Hill : It is situated about 10km. from the Albert Ekka Chowk is another sight seeing place. The old temple of lord Jagannath was built in 1691 in architectural style of Puri Temple stands like a fort on the top of the hill. Its car/chariot festival held in the light part of Ashadhmas draws a big crowd comprising of tribals and non-tribals. HEC Township nearby is an added attraction to this site.

Tagore Hill : It is about 3km. from the Albert Ekka Chowk is about 300 ft. high. It is named as Tagore Hill because it is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family. On the top of the hill, a number of books has been written by Rabindra Nath Tagore. At the foot of the hill Ramakrishna Mission Ashram and centre of Divyayan and Agararian Vocational Institute is situated.

Gonda Hill : It is about 4 km. from Albert Ekka Chowk. on the Kanke road is just infront of the Gonda House (Head quarter of CMPDIL) having a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and a lucrative place to visit.

Rock Garden : Rock Garden is about 3km from the Albert Ekka Chowk. It is one of the place in Ranchi which is giving a pleasant and a calm feeling to the visitors. At the foot of the hill are a big lake and a lucrative place to visit

Machali Ghar : It is located near the CCL headquarter on Kanke Road 1.5km from Albert Ekka Chowk. Different types of fishes are attraction of this aquarium. It is a attractive place to visit.

Pahari Mandir : It is located on the Ratu Road is about 2km from Albert Ekka Chowk. It is one of the Hindu's holy places. The Temple is situated on the hill. The temple is very old same as that of other temples of Lord Shiva. Though its antiquity is yet to be dated.

Birsa Jaivik Udyan : It is a Zoological garden named as jaivik udyan is about 16km from Ranchi on the Ranchi-Patna National Highway near Ormanjhi. It attraction is the mammalian faunas that has been collected for the visitors.

Rajrappa : Rajrappa is about 78 km from Ranchi on the way of Bokaro. It is one of the Hindu's holy places. It is Shakti Pith. It is situated on the confluence of two rivers known as Damodar and Bhairve (Bhera). There are numbers of small and big temples in Rajrappa. It is a famous pilgrim resort for the Hindu devotees mainly from Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The Chinnamastika Temple is a very famous and a popular place of Hindu pilgrimage. The temple is very old and its architectural design is the same as that of other temples of Tantrik importance. Though its antiquity is yet to be dated.

Tagore Hill : About 3 km. from the Ranchi GPO, the Tagore Hill is about 300 ft. high. As the hill is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. A number of books are supposed to have been written by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the top of the hill. At the foot of the hill are situated the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and it's office and centre of Divyayan and Agrarian Vocational Institute.

Angrabadi : Angrabadi is, actually, a temple complex in Khunti which accommodates the temples of Lord Ganpati, Ram-Sita, Hanuman and Shiva. The Shankracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati, having been captivated by serene, placid and celestial beauty of Angrabadi rechristened it as Amreshwar Dham.

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