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PUNE                                                    General Information of Pune

Historical heritage of more than 500 years, surrounded by great forts and one  time ruled by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , and  Great Peshavas,....Take me there..

Pune, located 170 kms. south of Mumbai has been the cultural capital of Maharashtra, since ages. The city was one of the pivotal basesof the 17th century great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji, who was born at the Shivneri Fort here. Pune became the seat of the enterprising Peshwas, under whom Maratha power rose into a major political force. The Peshwas were renowned patrons of the arts and in their time, enriched the city with temples, gardens and educational institutions. It was here that Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak introduced the principle of Swadeshi during the Freedom Movement. Today Pune is one of the leading metros in India, with the Film and Television Institute of India and National Defence Academy based here. It is fast becoming one of the major hubs of industry and commerce in the country.

Ganesh Festivals

Late Sardar Krishnaji Kashinath alias Nansaheb Khajgiwale gave the Ganesh festival the form of public celebrations. He had witnessed the public celebrations of this festival in Gwalior in 1892 which inspired him to start something similar in Pune . Thus in 1893, Shri Khajgiwale, Shri Ghotawadekar and Shri Bhau Rangari were the first three mandals to start public celebrations of Ganesh festival. Ganesh festival celebrated prior to this was a private affair. The credit of giving Ganesh festival the form of a public movement so that all the educated, non educated,young and old should participate in the national movement goes to Lokmanya Tilak. Tilak encouraged the Melas and also gave a new dimension to the Ganapati immersion procession. Tilak achieved the objectives of giving proper direction to the enthusiasm of the youth, to praise the artists and to educate the people. Slowly the Ganesh festival assumed the nature of public celebration outside Pune also. In the pre independence period the festival proved to be a very good medium to cultivate awareness among the masses and unite them. This helped in intensifying the freedom struggle. But in the post independence era the festival has become more entertainment oriented. The main motive of bringing about social awareness seems to have been lost. Still there is a ray of hope because there are some mandals who still remember that they do have a social obligation. We sincerely hope the number of such mandals increase.

Harihareshwar is one of the finest places in Konkan. It is just 130 Kms. from Pune. It is famous for a temple on the seashore as well as the beach and the natural beauties here. Harihareshwar is only 25 Kms for Shri Vardhan. If one wants to enjoy travelling by sea, the launches are also available between the two towns. The temple here is one of the major attractions. Harihareshwar is known as Kashi of Southern India. The hill on the seashore at Harihareshwar is also known as 'Harihar' or 'Pushpadri'.

The temple is old and the construction period of this temple can not be easily said. The temple might be constructed in Shivaji's Period as one can find such sculptures. But was re-constructed by First Bajirao Peshawa in 1723. The temple consists of idols of Brahma - Vishnu - Mahesh and Devi Parvati. The other temples in the premises are of Shri Kalbhairav and Shri Yogeshwari.

Truly, Harihareshwar is a place of temples and beautiful seashore. The atmosphere here is very auspicious and creates pleasure. The seashore, beach , the dark woods near the sea and the temple are worth to visit.

Murud / Janjira
Murud is a village in Raigad district, south to Alibag. It is just 45 Kms. from Alibag. The place is full of coconut and betel nut trees and has a nice and prosperous sea shore. Like other villages in Konkan, Murud is also on the seashore and there are many businesses dependent on sea which are the natives lives like Fishing and tourism. Murud is not a big village but it has a huge palace of Nawab of Murud.

 Karle-Bhaje Caves
The Karle caves are considered to be ultimate expression of Satwahan art of Hinayana sculpture. Karle-Bhaje is a duet. Karle is 5-7 k.m. from Malavali near Lonavala (same is the distance of Bhaje on the opposite side). The chaityagriha in Karle is probably the biggest of all in Maharashtra.

Each place has something unique to offer. Maybe just one thing, but a something that is it's own. A particular sweet smell, the way the breeze hums or roar when it flirts with the trees or maybe the taste of water. Or may be even a falling of emotion that you associate with the hills when you go there for the first time.

Dehu - Reminiscences of Saint Tukaram
Dehu is a place of Sant Tukaram - well known saint in Maharashtra. He lived here and taught people how to pray to God. The

'Palakhi' in the month of 'Ashadh' from Dehu is one of the main attractions of Dehu. Many people are taking part in it from so many years till now.

 The Beautiful Hill Station - Matheran
If you want to visit a place that is a hill station, is different and unique, then Matheran is the best choice.

Matheran is a favourite amongst all, be it picnic lovers, trekkers as well as jungle lovers. It was founded by Sir Mallet, the Collector of Thane, way back in 1880.

Nature's Haven
Tucked between Pen and Panvel lies fort Karnala

120 k.m. away from Pune and 13 k.m. away from Panvel, this area is famous for the wide variety of birds (around 150 different species) found here. Keeping the same in view, this 4.5 sq. k.m. region was declared as the bird sanctuary by the Maharashtra Government in 1968-69.

The Birth of a Legend
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj - the name itself speaks volumes of the Maratha legacy. Shivneri - the birthplace of this Maratha legend. Together, the two have carved a niche in the history of Maharashtra.

Stunning Seascapes: Alibag
When one wishes to start from Pune early morning and come back the same night and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the sea, there is no place better to visit than Alibag.

Tapola - A Mini Kashmir
Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra. But only a few people know about Tapola, the lake which is situated just 25 kms from Mahabaleshwar. Tapola is popularly known as 'The Mini Kashmir' because of the picturesque view of the Shivsagar dam, the Koyana and Solshi rivers, the scenic Sahyadri ranges and the deep forests.

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