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PORBANDAR                             General Information of Porbandar

Porbandar is an historically important place. In the 10th centruy it was named as “Pauravelakul” and thereafter named “Sudamapuri”. It is localted at latitude north 21.37o and longitude east 69.49o on the western coast of Saurashtra where the river Asmavati meets the ocean. It has completed one thousand years on Rakshabandhan, full moon day of Shravana, in the Vikram era 2046. In fact, it is believed that Porbandar was discovered on Raksshabandhan day.

Places to see

Kirthi Mandir
Kirthi Mandir, the birth-place of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is the main centre of attraction for the tourists. It was built by Shri Nanji Kalidas and Shri Purushottam Mistry.

Bharat Mandir
Pictures, sculptures and symbols and portraying Indian culture and religion have been exhibited in this place. It is the mirror of Indian tradition.

Tara Mandir
All heavenly bodies like stars and planets are projected scientifically by special effect movies on an overhead round screen in a theatre and explained elaborately to the joy of the viewers. 

Sudama Mandir
Do you know whose friendship is being recognized as the best example in the hearts of the Indians? Extremely poor but self-respected Sudama and Krishna’s friendship brings tears of joy, when remembered. It is in memory of this Sudama that a temple has been built in the heart of the city, known as Sudama Mandir.

Porbandar’s coastal line is just half a kilometre away from the city. Popularly known as Chowpatty, it is one of the main attractions for the local population as well as tourists, to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the year. 

Temples, Mosques and Cemeteries

Satyanarayan temple, Bhutnath Mahadev temple, Jadeshwar temple, Ramdhun temple and many more temples welcomes to pilgrims in Porbandar.
Seven mosques named Nagina Masjid, Jumma Masjid, Mitthi Masjid, Khari Masjid, Sunni Vora Masjid, Takia Masjid are also famous for the visitors.
Roman Catholic Church, C.N.I Protestant Church, are also well known here.

Hindu crematorium, Muslim, Parasi cemetery are also here. In olden days Britisher’s graveyard was found here.

Being a historical place, tourists are always attracted by this city. Various information is mostly required by visitors. e.g. trastport facilities, places to visit in around the city, accommodation etc. Here's at a glance:

Air : Porbandar to Mumbai daily service is available by Jet Airways.
Train : Porbandar - Ahmedabad - Mumbai daily trains departure at 20.00 everyday.
Bus : Most of the areas of Gujarat state can be reached by road by S.T. ordinary, express, business buses are available for different routes.
Private travel agencies also provide their services for major cities of the state.

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