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JAIPUR                                                                       General Information of Jaipur

  HISTORY :-The Picturesque capital of Rajasthan , Jaipur is colour  washed Pink – the colour associated with  hospitality in Rajput culture . Built in 1727 A.D  by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh – II , Jaipur displays a remarkable harmony and architectural Splendour . The Ancient heart of athe Pink City  Still beats in its fairy – tale palaces . rugged  fortresses perched on barren hills and  boad avenues that dot the entire city . The only planned city of its time , Jaipur is encircled by a formidable wall .

 A young Bengali ( Man From  West Bengal ) architect , Vidyadhar Bhattacharya formalized the city’s plans in a grid  system . The wide straiht avenues ,roads , streets lanes and uniform rows of shops  on either side of main bazaars were arranged in nine rectangular “city sectors” ( Chokris ) in accordance  with the principles  of town  planning set down  in the  “Shilpa Shastra “ ( book on architect ) an epochal treatise on the Hindu architecture .

 There is a time less appeal to Jaipur’s colorful bazaars  where one can shop for Rajasthani monuments and marvelous heritage hotels , once the residence of  Maharaja’s are worth admiration . Not to mention the ambling camels and cheerful people in multi- hued costumes that makes  your trip to the pink city a memorable one !!!

  Place of Tourist Interest :- 

The City Palace :- In th heart of the old city is the former  royal residence  built in a blend of the Rajasthani And Mughal styles , The Carved arches are supported by grey -white   marble columns ornate with floral  morifs in gold and coloured stones . Two carved elephants in marble  guard the entrance . The retainers whose families  have served generations of rulers serve as guides . the Palaces houses a museum with a superb collection of Rajasthani costumes  and armoury of Mughals and Rajputs including swords of different shapes and sizes  with chased handles , some of them inlaid with enamel and embellished with jewels and encased in magnificent  scabbards .

The palace also has a n art gallery with an excellent collection of miniature  paintings , carpets , royal paraphernalia and rare  astronomical  works in Arabic , Persian , Latin and Sanskrit , acquired by Sawai Jai Singh – II  to study astronomy in detail .

 Jantar Mantar :  A stone observatory Largest of Jai singh’s Five remarkable  observatories . Its complex  instruments , whose settings and shapes are scientifically designed , represent the high points of medieval Indian Astronomy .The Most striking of these are the  Ram Yantras used for gauging altitudes .

 Hawa Mahal : Built in 1799 A.D the hawa Mahal or Palace of winds is a major Rajput landmark .This five storey building along the main street of the old city is in pink splendour with semioctagonal and delicately  honey combed sandstone windows . The Monument was originally  conceived with the aim of enabling ladies of the royal household to watch the everyday life and royal processions of the city .

 Moti Doongri and Lakshmi Narayan Temple  :  Moti Doongri is a privately owned hilltop fort built like a scottish castle . The Ganesh Temple at the foot of the hill and marvelous Lakshmi Marayan Temple ( Godess of Wealth ) built in marble a few years back , are also noteworthy .


 Amer :  Former capital of the Kachhwaha rulers of the old state of Dhundhar for seven centuries . Very little of the early structures survive now .

 Amber Palace & Shila Mata Temple   : A beautiful comples of palaces , halls , pavilions , gardens and temples built by Raja Man Singh , Mirza  Raja Jai Singh and Sawai Singh  over  a period  of about two centuries still stand in magnificient state . The Palace complex amerges dramatically from the placid waters of the Maotha Lake  and is approachable only through a steep path . Tourists often ride on the elephant back to the Singh Pol and the  Jaleb Chowk . Two  Flights of stairs rise from one end of the chowk , one leading  to the Shila Mata Temple ( Godess of Coolness ) and other to the Palace complex .  the Palace image of the  patron goddess, worshipped by thousands of devotees , was brought from Jessore in East Bengal ( Now In Bangladesh ) by Raja Man Singh , to be installed here . A spectacular pillared hall – Diwan –e- Aam and a double storeyed painted gateway , Ganesh Pole Dominate the front courtyard , An elegant tiny garden in th Charbag style beyond the corridors , has Sukh Niwas to its right and Jas Mandir  to its left . The Latter combines the Muhal and Rajput architecture , seen in its beautiful interior with intricately carved Jali screens , delicate mirror and stucco work and painted and carved dadoes . The Well proportioned Mohan bari or Kesar Kyari in the center of the Maotha Lake and the Dilaram Bagh at its north end provides a spectacular view of the palaces above .

 Old City  : Once a settlment of nobles , craftsmen and common folks , the city of Amer is now in ruines , The Remnants of its rich past are the beautifully carved  and planned Jagat Shiromani Temple , A Krishna temple associated with Meerabai , an ancient temple of Narsinghji and magnificent  step- well , Panna Mian – ka-Kund .

 Jai Garh  :One of the few military structures of medieval India , retaining its ancient splendour in palaces , gardens reservoirs , a granary , an armoury , a well planned cannon foundry , several temples , a tall tower and a giant mounted canon – the Jai Ban , one of the largest in the country  are preserved here .

The extensive  parkotas ( Walls ) Watch tower and gateway of Jaigarh Dominate the western skyline .

 Nahargarh Fort  :A Sentinel to the Pink City is  Nahargarh Fort , Situated  beyond the hills of Jaigarh . Alrhough much of  it is in ruins , the lovely  building added by Sawai Madho Singh – II  provides interest to the fort .. 

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