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GAYA(BODHGAYA)          General Information of Gaya(Bodhgaya)

Situated 125 km from Patna, Gaya has scared shrines of the Jains and Hindus scattered around the city. The nearest airport is Patna. Gaya is well connected by rail from Patna, Ranchi and Daltenganj. The important places include the Vishnupad temple, believed to be built on the footsteps of Vishnu. Brahma-Yoni, Ramshila, Pretishila, about 6 km from railway station are picturesque hills. Deo, has a temple dedicated to the sun god. Kurkihar, is a Place with ancient habitation.

Barabar Caves, has the earliest Buddhist rock carvings. Sasaram,  has the tombs of Sher shah suri and that of his father. Pawapuri has the famous Jalmandir where Lord Mahavira breathed his last. Build of marble and surrounded by a beautiful lake, it is a place of pilgrimage for the Jains. Parasnath Hill, 20km from Gaya, is one of the most sacred pilgrim centers for jains. 

Situated 16 km away from Gaya, it is a place were Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. The nearest airport is at Patna. The places for sight seeing includes The Mahabodhi Temple, which is an architectural amalgamation of many centuries and cultures is nearby.

Bodh Gaya "The Land Of Enlightenment Of Buddha” is the place where Prince Gautama attained enlightenment and came to be known as Lord Buddha. Bodh Gaya was the place where his holy mission was achieved. It is situated on the banks of the river Niranjana (also called Falgu) and is 11 kms. from Gaya.

Shaivite Monastery, near the Mahabodhi Temple. Four temples dominate a huge courtyard full of shrubs and samadhis represented by stones shaped like upturned urns. The Buddha Archaeological Museum, near the temple houses a rare collection of Buddhist sculptures. The Jagannath temple, is a Shiva temple.

Places to see

20 km from Gaya, the Surya temple, here, is the site of the famous Chhath Puja in November.
Barabar Caves
40 km from Gaya, they are the earliest Buddhist rock cut caves.
Parasnath Hill
It is believed that 22 'tirthankaras' out of 24 attained salvation here, and is deemed one of the most sacred pilgrim centres for the Jains.
The Chotanagpur plateau is one of the most beautiful areas in Bihar. Studded with hills 300 - 900 m in altitude, and covered with verdant virgin forests, this expanse of rivers, lakes, meadows and valleys is an ideal retreat. Rich in wildlife, these forests are an anthropologist's delight, as the clutch of ancient tribes, like Santhal, Ho, Munda, Oraon, Koi, Chero, Kharia, Paharia, dwelling within them, still retain their intriguing traditions and rituals.
The erstwhile summer capital of Bihar, Ranchi, is 676 m in altitude, and is a wonderful hill station. Its significant landmarks are a hill - top Shiva temple, with the Ranchi lake at the foothills.
A popular tourist resort 140 km from Ranchi.

How to get there

Gaya is an important railway junction. There are bus services from all important towns of Bihar.

Hotels to Stay

Hotel Siddharth, Hotel Surya, Pal Rest House, Hotel Siddhartha International

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