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AURANGABAD                         General Information of Aurangabad

The city of Aurangabad was founded by Malik Ambar, the Prime Minister of Murtaza Nizam Shah II, in 1610, on the site of a village, Khirki. When Fateh Khan, Malik Ambar's son succeeded the throne in 1626, he named the city 'Fatehpur'. In 1653, when Aurangzeb became the Viceroy of the Deccan, he made it his capital, and renamed it Aurangabad. A region that has been inhabited since the Stone Ages, Aurangabad has seen several dynasties come and go, absorbing the culture of each into itself.

lMaurya rule heralded the advent of Buddhism in the state of Maharashtra. The earliest caves at Ajanta and Pithalkora were excavated in the 2nd century BC, during the Satvahana era. Paithan, then known as Pratishthana, was an important trade centre at the time. Buddhism flowered during the Chalukya period, which consequently saw the mushrooming of many viharas (monasteries), and chaityas (chapels), that were later excavated at Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora. Later, the Rashtrakutas built many temples, significantly, the Kailasa temple at Ellora, an unparalleled piece of ancient Indian architecture.

Aurangabad Travel Info:

Climate :
The city experiences extreme climate; hot summers and cold winters. The tourists season extends right through the year but the best time to visit is October to March.

Language Spoken :
Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and English.

Clothing :
Cool cottons in summer and warm woollen for winter.

What to buy :
Aurangabad is famous for its Himroo Shawls, Mashru & Kimkhab weaves, Bidriware artifacts, agate stones and Pathani silk salees.

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