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ALLAHABAD                              General Information of Allahabad

The city of confluence of the great rivers of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. The confluence known as sangam is believed to have great soul cleansing powers. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma, the creator chose a piece of land on earth, for the 'Prakrishta Yagna', now where these rivers flow in a confluence. The land, blessed by the gods come to be known as 'Prayag'.

Later the city came under Akbar in 1575 A.D. and came to be known as Allahbad. Realising its strategic importance as a water way landmark in north India, Akbar built a fort on the banks of the site of confluence. Later Allahabad came under the Marathas and then the Pathans and finally the British before India attained freedom. This holy sangam is the most sacred pilgrimage centres of India. Blessed with the great three rivers Allahabad has played an important role in history, culture and religion.

Places to visit

The place where the three great rivers of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati meet is the most sacred place called sangam. Legends say that a few drops of nectar fell in it. People come here to take a holy dip which is said to cleanse the soul. The astrologers calculate times which are the best for the holy dip if asked for. The chief attractions of this place are the Kumbh Mela and the Ardh kumbh.

Allahabad Fort
This magnificent fort, built by emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D. is known for its unparallel design and craftsmanship. The fort stands on the banks of the holy sangam. The majestic fort has massive walls and three galleries. Its three gateways are flanked by high towers.

Patalpuri Temple
This temple is set inside the fort and is an underground temple. It houses the Akshayavat or the immortal tree.

Ashoka Pillar
The antique piece, standing 10.6 m tall, dates back to 232 B.C. The majestic Ashoka pillar is made of polished sandstone. The pillar displays several edicts including the Persian inscription of Emperor Jahangir, commemorating his accession to the throne.

Hanuman Temple
The unique temple is the only one of its kind housing an idol of Hanuman in a reclining posture. It is situated near the sangam.

Mankameshwar Temple
Among the famous Shiv temples in Allahabad this one is set on the banks of Yamuna, near the Saraswati Ghat.

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